Rahul Gandhi gets notice to vacate government bungalow

After being disqualified from the Lok Sabha, now the Lok Sabha Housing Committee has given a notice to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi to vacate the bungalow allotted by the government. According to the new order, Rahul Gandhi will have to vacate the government bungalow. Rahul Gandhi will have to vacate the government bungalow by 22 April. Let us tell you that on Friday itself, the Lok Sabha Secretariat had canceled the membership of Congress MP Rahul Gandhi from the Lok Sabha. Rahul Gandhi was an MP from Wayanad in Kerala.

Rahul Gandhi lives in a government bungalow at 12, Tughlaq Lane in Lutyens’ Delhi. This bungalow has been allotted in the name of Rahul Gandhi since 2004. He got this bungalow in 2004 when he became MP for the first time from Amethi.

The Lok Sabha Housing Committee has sent a notice to Rahul Gandhi to vacate the bungalow. Under this, Rahul Gandhi will have to vacate the bungalow in the next 26 days i.e. by 22 April. Rahul Gandhi was convicted by a Surat court in a defamation case in the year 2019. After this, he was disqualified by the Lok Sabha Secretariat and canceled his membership of Parliament.

Significantly, Rahul Gandhi has been sentenced to two years in jail for commenting on the surname of PM ‘Modi’ at a rally in Karnataka in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. After becoming an MP, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also changed his Twitter bio on Sunday. Now Rahul has written ‘Disqualified MP’ in his bio.


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