Child pornography cases in Chhattisgarh are continuously on rise 

Avdhesh Mallick :

Tribal dominated fastest growing state Chhattisgarh has created records amid Covid19 pandemic whether it is related to fighting Covi19 infections, attracting investments, curbing Maoists, and others. But presently highlighted in news for increasing number of Child pornography related cases. Chhattisgarh police is continuously making efforts to track the people who uploaded the obscene videos on pornography sites. Amid this corona crisis, surveillance increased, despite the crackdown is continue, the people having uglier mindsets remained undeterred. They are still carrying out their nefarious illegal activities. Unfortunately, in last fifteen days, second Child pornography video was uploaded on the internet and the location was traced as Banjari Market, Golbazar Police Station limits, capital city Raipur, and the man remained disguised and unapprehended. Surprisingly, this time the police failed to arrest the unidentified offender because the person used wifi to upload the video and shared it on various people.

Wifi used for uploading pornographic content 

As the Wifi is used in uploading the objectionable illegal video clip, it shows that person was techno friendly with criminal mindset. Better to identify, the person as mentally sick.
No doubt such disgusting activities can be executed by the people having prejudiced mentality, a psychopath in nature and quite dangerous to any civil society. Such persons needed to be immediately identified, exposed and isolated. People must help law enforcement agencies in nabbing such a culprit, dangerous to humankind and society as well.

80 mobile numbers used to upload videos

However, here situation is more terrifying. The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) complained Chhattisgarh police, not one or two incidents, around 80 mobile numbers were used in Chhattisgarh to upload disturbing videos. Out of which maximum number of cases were reported from Raipur. But the cases were not limited up to Raipur, Bilaspur, Dhamtari like urbanscapes only, even Sukma like remote and highly Maoist affected district has fallen under its ambit. Earlier police arrested one person from Sukma in the case related to Child pornography.

Maximum cases in Raipur 

Moreover, Police lodged 12 FIRs in the cases related to child pornography in Raipur and arrested 10 people. It has increased its pace of cyber activities and surveillance. However, incidences of uploading child pornography videos yet to be seized.
In the state, first arrest was made in Raipur on March 27, 2019. One 20 years old BBA student was arrested by Police with the help of cyber cell from Tatibandh, Raipur. After this incident, several other people were arrested from various part of the Chhattisgarh in Child pornography related cases.
Gloomy part of the Child pornography related cases is that amid coronavirus pandemic, people prefer social distancing and isolation, but contemporarily internet activities have increase manifold.

95 % increase in Child pornography watching

According to the Indian child pornography fund, a not-for-profit organization the use of internet, including social media platforms has increased manifold; With the use of higher quantum of data, there is an increase in viewing of the child pornography in the country by 95%.
Even open societies like US, viewing or uploading child pornography clips is considered as a serious offence and stricture punishment got awarded for it. Monitoring was done on a large scale. In India, the national crime records bureau (NCRB) through an agreement with the US not-for-profit organization—the national centre for missing and exploited children— monitors it and information was passed on NCRB whatever child pornography content is uploaded on any site from India.
The NCRB then passes on the report to different states for further action.

( Disclaimer: Avdhesh Mallick is a Senior Journalist and an expert of Asian Issues. The veiws mentioned in the article are his own personal views )

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