Avdhesh Mallick Amid heated arguments on various issues, one took center stage that is novel Coronavirus its spread and infection. This is perhaps the only virus in the recent past which believes in universal brotherhood. It doesn’t spare anyone rich or poor, capitalist or socialist. The virus has become global citizen, infiltrating one national boundary to another without making any distinction about followers of any sect or nationalities and boundaries. It has infected and killed Chinese, Italian, American, Iranian, Indian, Thai, and Australian etc. It hasn’t made any difference whether the victim is male-female, white-black or any other ethnicity. It showered its blessings equally to the believers of all faith either they belong to Hindu, Muslim, Christianity or some other religion. Discrimination has been put aside.

But our Indian Government and bureaucracy seem to be stronger than this powerful virus. Though it is aware that our country’s borders are porous, Indian government sat like a lame duck till two deaths from coronavirus were not recorded. Except making isolation cells and installing scanners at airports, it did nothing concrete. Nor the state governments did. Except making and issuing advisories, adding horrific coronavirus spread and prevention mobile caller tune it did nothing. It is perfect example of locking the stable after the horse has bolted.

It allowed the Pharma companies and drug stockiest to create an artificial shortage of sanitizer, N95 masks and mint money by making hole in the pocket of highly distressed junta.

After one more positive case of Coronavirus in Pune, the number of the infected people has risen to 75. Government in Delhi and Kerala have instructed closure of cinema halls, schools, colleges and others terming it an epidemic. It has forgotten its duty that apart from creating isolation wards and testing centres, it is the duty of the government to provide masks and sanitizer for protection of its people as a part of preventative measures.

Instead of doing this, one Union minister is spotted registering protest chanting “Go Corona” and news tv studios presenting Coronavirus as a demon Raktabiz (a demon who sprouts out from every droplet of blood fallen on the earth). It is bizarre.

However, thanks must be given to Indian public that despite of highly unprofessional strategy adopted by the state and central administration to fight nCoronavirus (COVID 19) spread, the public have not revolted against the government, yet. India is a great country.

(Writer is a senior journalist based in Raipur Chhattisgarh and views expressed here are his own)

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