Dear CBI,

The way you are acting in the Rs. 1000 crore NGO scam in Chhattisgarh and the way the members of steel frame of India are being shielded in the case, I have firm believe that in the end none of them are going to be prosecuted. It will also share the similar fate as earlier scams have had. Some lower rung officers will be implicated and proven guilty might be propagated in media as kingpin or, whole scam may be proved as byproduct of a typo error or a sham. 

As the court have apprehensions that bigwigs may meddle into it and derail the investigation. Thus, I am again grateful to you for clearing out such risks by lodging FIR against the unidentified men. Booking such names may lead to serious consequences. It might be envisioned as onslaught against corrupt system.

I have full faith that scam has involvement of some Satan, vampires, demon or ghosts. Because the funds are especially granted for the uplift and aid the handicaps and looting such funds is a gruesome unpardonable act, a scum over the face of humans and none of the civil society could approve it.

However, your recent actions created some suspicion that some powers on the top bullied the agency. Now, again question arises, if such a thing occurred then who will investigate CBI?

It is a truth that after election is over, government changes but the system remains the same and it is the steel frame Babus which actually runs the system. And it is old saying ‘might is always right’ even in democracy. Thus, as quick as the public admit, it will be less painful.

Moreover, some pundits increased my knowledge based on their experience that to run a system or to give momentum to progress especially in Indian system siphoning of public funds are essential.  Though I won’t agree but, in this case, I have high hopes that CBI steps will be act as a matter of inspiration to those who always wanted corruption to be legalized.

Either, you agree or disagree but it is truth that ‘Corruption existed in Indian Society since times immoral’ and in the creation of great epics like Ramayana and Mahabaratha corruption, deception and misuse of power played a great role.

Secondly, freedom struggle was fought against British Empire not against the corruption. Thus, it stayed in roots of Indian Republic after independence and flourished as banyan tree. As of now each and every democratic institution is infected of it.

With the passing of time it becomes stronger than democracy and even failed anti-corruption ‘Anna Movement’. The movement wanted constitution of strong Lokpal institution across the country. The dream to grill the corrupt babus failed miserably, the government at centre changed, but its wish to create stronger Lokpal slipped into cold coffers.

What more the biggest central investigating agency was found trapped in clutches of corruption. Infighting over corruption and misuse of power lead to dismissal of CBI chief is an open secret. The whole drama staged between Asthana and CBI chief is still afresh in public memories. It has dented CBI image and done irreparable damage to its reputation. Stains are yet to be washed.

However, in the last we Indian public will surely believe whatsoever investigation result you produced at the end dear CBI because we are optionless.


(The writer- Avdhesh Mallick is a senior journalist based in Raipur Chhattisgarh)

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