Avdhesh Mallick

In the name of safeguarding the US interests and to protect himself from impeachment, the improvident US President Donald Trump miscalculated the outcome and ordered assassination of Iranian Maj. Gen. Quasem Solemani. US forces killed the General in deadly missile attack in Iraq. Trump justified this action while terming the Iranian General as terrorist and his termination ‘necessary’ because he was allegedly involved in several attacks carried on US installations including siege of US embassy. But his arguments failed to convince US Congress, Americans and rest of the world.   

World is now visualizing President Trump as an insane leader who uses sword in place of needle to get the work done. No doubt slain General Solemani had become thorn in the eyes’ of American forces for a longer period and he might have a role in inciting the militias. To blunt his actions and movements several diplomatic or other peaceful effective strategic measures were available but the American President adopted terrorizing tactic of annihilation. This is the same humbug tactic which has been adopted by previous war mongering presidents like Bush, Clinton and others.

United Nations urge both the parties to de-escalate tensions and restrain, which was initially turned down by outraged Iran. Iranian forces fired more than a dozens of rockets at American military bases Ain-al-Asad and Erbil situated in Iraq. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayotollah Khomeni supported the missile attack on American military bases and termed it as “slap on America’s face”.

Though no one was killed in the attack but it compelled the US president for go for another round of clarifications before media within 24 hours of attack. President Trump addressed a press conference opined his views but this time his tone was down. He wished for de-escalation, negotiations and no further war with Iran.

The softening of the stand was due to mounting global political pressure, division in US Congress, increasing chances of drifting away of collation forces, and realization of fact that if war begins then Iran will be strongly backed by China and Russia, and made it impregnable. Then, it will be America which has to suffer a lot.

As of now US and Iran both veered away from outright war but in future the number of such fierce confrontations will not occur, cannot be guaranteed.

Any further escalation of tension or confrontation at this point of time for India will be proved disastrous. Indian economy is lying in doldrums, GDP rate is counted lowest in last 20 years, inflation and unemployment rates are soaring high amid these if war breaks then India will be considered as first casualty on economic front. The reason behind is – Indian economy is highly dependent on crude oil, gas and fertilizer imports from Iran.  Since gulf war Iran acted as good friend of India and exported these commodities on discounted rates. Similarly, India also enjoys good ties with America and even a slight twist on posturing may sore the relations of India with these countries. Therefore India is walking on a tight rope. But some Indian TV News channels presented Solemani in bad light as a terrorist. It could have lead to deterioration of relation with Iran but thankfully nothing that sort happened.  So, pray the God such blunders will be not repeated. America and Iran will further engage diplomatically and resolve their issues peacefully. Otherwise, it will be India who has pay heavy price and we all have to suffer.    

(The writer is a senior journalist based in Raipur Chhattisgarh and the views expressed here are his own)

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