Avdhesh Malik: Over ambitious Bhartiya Janta Party swelled up of Triple Talaq Act, abrogation of article 370, and Ram Temple has brought the controversial Citizen Amendment Act (CAA) as a cover up initiative to fill the gaps of National Register for Citizens (NRC), ignoring its repercussions.

It has created a pandemonium in India and provided an opportunity to the insidious minds to create fault lines within the society. Not to mention polarization and division of Indian society into Muslim vs Non-muslim will beget hatred, unrest and sow seeds of unending civil war.

This blunder deliberately cost BJP and has proved as suicidal experiment till this date for the so called party with difference. Moreover, it has provided ambrosia to the opposition laying on deathbed especially new life to the Congress party, the leftists and feeble and scattered opposition.

The oppositions’ rhetoric on CAA and NRC that it will be a deadly weapon in the hands of authorities, appears to have been accepted by the masses.

People fear that it enables authorities to strip citizenship of any citizen of India including Muslims; the poor and marginalized people will be worst sufferers.

The continuous loss in assembly elections in five states has been read in public as a loss of face and power of Modi-Shah Jodi. In other words, the Modi-Shah missile misfired and missed the target. Though PM Modi and Shah several times tried to clarify the stand that the act is not against the Indian Muslims, nor has any provision to strip citizenship, the level of disbelief is not fettering down.

In more than 72 years of Indian Independence, India is witnessing such a level of ambiguity in constitutional positions like PM and HM is itself very much aggrieving.

However, question must be asked all the people who are continuously registering protests are really misguided ones or out of their minds or political activists or only Muslims.

Demonetization, decreased rate of NPAs, shutting down of industries, uncontrolled inflation and fluctuated share markets has pushed economy in doldrums. It resulted in into massive job cuts and unemployment also made hole in pocket of a common man.  Finally, infuriated and frustrated public started coming on roads and provided life to the protests.

It has compelled BJP to realize that further coercing is not possible. Hence, under compulsion it agreed to soften its stand and opt other offensive counter measures.

To garner public support for CAA, BJP will launch a door-to-door campaign on January 5 to reach out 3 crore family households. As BJP public trust graph is deteriorating, it unclear up to what extent the party will succeed in campaigns.

But one thing is quite clear the CAA is purposefully brought as a part of strategic move to polarize Hindu votes, alter the vote bank as well as demography by giving citizenship to Bangladeshi Hindus to win Bengal elections has till date proved counterproductive.

(The writer is a senior journalist based in Raipur Chhattisgarh and views expressed are his own)

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